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AIR MotorSports is a full-service restoration facility. From garage queens to daily drivers, we're here for you and your Porsche. We offer a full range of craft-level services, from small repairs to full restorations. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

Body maintenance
We perform a lot of body maintenance tasks such as door stay repairs, door and hood alignment, and weather seal installation, with the skill that only a shop with decades of experience can provide.

Upholstery Services & Dash Repair
We have expert upholsterers who can return your car to concours condition. Dash restoation begins at $495 with your existing core in domestic vinyl ($100 more for German vinyl), new headliner installation begins at $395 complete, and targa top restoration starts as low as $495. We can recover and restore your worn, torn and sagging seats, at prices that may surprise you, and we have numerous specialty fabrics in stock. We are reknown for our ability to restore Porsche 911 and 930 dashboards, and many other restorers use our services. We can repair most warped, cracked and damaged Porsche dashes and have the correct templates and tooling for early 911 (SWB and LWB) speaker grill perforations.

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  • Rust repair
    AIR MotorSports offers the full spectrum of rust repair: chemical treatments, the cutting out of rusty sections and welding in of new steel, to the full replacement of rusty pans and panels. Our expertise allows to work efficiently and helps save you money. For example, replacement of a front suspension pan and tank support can be done for as little as $2495, including all parts and labor! Examples of this repair can be found in our gallery.

    Body repair and paint
    We are skilled in working with both steel and fiberglass. We'll straighten out the dent in your door and repair the crack in your fiberglass front spoiler. A great paint job is dependent on excellent preparation. Be assured that your Porsche will be meticulously prepared, with smooth surfaces and perfect gaps. This is where our depth of experience is invaluable.

    Mechanical Repair
    We have in-house and outsourced mechanical capabilities and can perform anything from routine maintenance to complete engine rebuilds. Whether you need brakes, a tune-up or new top-end for your air-cooled Porsche, we can provide expert services at very cost-competitive rates.

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