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AIR MotorSports | Rates & Policies for Repairs and Restoration

Our hourly labor rate of of January 1, 2012 is $90 and is subject to change without notice. All cars delivered to us are subject to the following policies. Please see our posted policies in the shop for any updates in our rates and terms and ask us any questions before bringing your car to us.

We typically work on old cars. These often have 40+ years of wear, rust, abuse and road grime, and not all issues are evident until we complete the disassembly process. As a result, while we strive to be accurate in our estimate of time required, each car presents a unique project. Unknown conditions discovered after we start your project will change the price. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to the unavailability of necessary parts. We do not save removed parts unless specifically requested in writing in advance.

We strive to replicate the original factory paint finish, but there are limitations. Modern materials are very different that what the factory used 40 years ago. Preparation is the key to a successful paint job, and we take great pride in the finished results. Despite our efforts, it is normal to find small blemishes in a newly painted car upon close inspection. If you want us to eliminate these, please let us know in advance as it requires tremendous additional effort and we will price your job accordingly.

Restoration projects are typically billed on either an hourly basis or a progress payment based on agreed milestones. Sublet services are billed at cost plus 20%, and in some instances may require minimum orders. All payments are due when bills are rendered, typically no more frequently than on a monthly basis. In addition, a retainer may be required to be maintained throughout the course of the project. Projects will not be released until full payment has been made. Unpaid balances will accrue a 1.5% per month charge. In addition to all other remedies, AIR will have a lien on your vehicle for all charges.

Completed projects must be picked up within 72 hours of completion to avoid storage fees, unless other arrangements have been made. In addition, while we are happy to provide free consultations, if work is not authorized or the car picked up within 48 hours, storage fees will likewise accrue. Storage charges are $25/day. In addition, when leaving your car with us, we ask that you remove all personal property or items of value, as we can not be responsible for loss or damage. In addition, neither AIR nor its employees, officers or members will have any liability for loss or damage to your vehicle or contents due to fire, theft, accident or any other circumstance beyond our control.

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